Month: November 2015

The last warm period: an analog for our future?

In ice core research we would love to probe a time period that was warmer than today for better predictions of our future. However, these time periods have been rare in what we can cover with ice cores,… Read More

Heading out to Taylor Glacier in the Dry Valleys

After a week of training and preparation in McMurdo station we are flying to our field site: Taylor Glacier in the McMurdo Dry Valleys. The protection of Antarctica through the international treaties make visiting this continent a bit… Read More

Living in McMurdo

The biggest “town” in Antarctica is McMurdo Station where we stayed the past week to prepare our field work. Some people love it, others hate it, but there is no doubt that it is a very special place…. Read More

Touch down in Antarctica

The first contact with Antarctica has something magic. It feels a bit like you land on another planet. Here are some impressions from the first contact with Antarctica. All the best from unreal McMurdo. Bernhard Share This:

Getting equipped for Antarctica

In Christchurch (NZ) we get equipped with personal field equipment at the International Antarctic Center – a center run by the US, New Zealand and Italy. It’s an impressive infrastructure and works a bit like a separate airport… Read More

The Journey to Antarctica

The southern tip of South America is the closest land to Antarctica and the Argentinian City Ushuaia probably the most famous platform for journeys (in general by boat) to Antarctica. However, we travel through New Zealand which is closer… Read More