A Milestone in Physics

This is very off-topic, but for a physicist just a must to share. The world of fundamental physics just has changed, because it is proofed: Einstein’s general theory of relativity is true!

Einstein has brought up several theories that changed the way we look at the fundamental forces in the universe. One of his later – and probably the most fundamental – theories is the general theory of relativity. It describes the way how gravity works – that mass bends the spacetime. This is fundamentally different to the thinking of “the other way”, which would be that there is a gravitational force (like magnetism) pulling two masses together. Yes, strictly speaking, it is wrong to talk about the gravitational force from now on. You can say “today, the spacetime feels very straight” if you want to say that you feel very light-footed today – but that’s just for nerds 🙂 .

What does it mean for our daily lifes? Pretty much nothing, but it is exciting to see a 100 years old theory finally to be proofed. The most prominent impact of the general theory of relativity finds application in the GPS network. The positioning system would not be as precise as it is if the theory would be ignored (see this Ohio-State Page for more details).

A scientific perspective on this groundbreaking finding and how it has been proofed can be found in these Nature articles:



Happy Science!

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3 Comments on “A Milestone in Physics

  1. No, I don’t believe it. It’s totally impossible. I experience it every morning coming by bike to work. Einsteins law is wrong. Travelling at high speed, I don’t see any redshift. Come on guys… 😉

    • I am impressed by how fast you believe you can ride your bike 🙂

  2. Happy Science! about the fact that Mr. Einstein (who shares same birthday with you) still has such an influence on our daily life. Big respect to him and thanks that you share some letters about this genius! Keep going researchers 🙂

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