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Getting equipped for Antarctica

In Christchurch (NZ) we get equipped with personal field equipment at the International Antarctic Center – a center run by the US, New Zealand and Italy. It’s an impressive infrastructure and works a bit like a separate airport… Read More

The Journey to Antarctica

The southern tip of South America is the closest land to Antarctica and the Argentinian City Ushuaia probably the most famous platform for journeys (in general by boat) to Antarctica. However, we travel through New Zealand which is closer… Read More

Green Lights to Go!

Going to Antarctica is not easy. The remoteness and the special legal regulations of this place require special preparation. It is actually only a few days ago that I got the green lights to go to the Antarctic… Read More

Follow my Antarctic Field Trip Blog!

In a few weeks I have the honor to participate a research field trip to Antarctica. Here I want to keep you posted about the what, why and how. Antarctica is the most remote and isolated continent on… Read More