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Noble Gases from Ice Cores Published in “Nature”

This does not happen often in a scientific career: the world-famous scientific journal “Nature” has just published our work. Our article “Mean global ocean temperatures during the last glacial transition” bases on a record of atmospheric noble gases… Read More

The Ice Arrived!

Several months after drilling the ice cores on Taylor Glacier, they finally arrived at our lab. A moment to celebrate that nothing went wrong on the way, and before. I have to admit, it was a pretty special… Read More

The World of Ice Core Sciences in Tasmania

The past week, ice core scientists from all over the world have met in Hobart, Tasmania, to share the latest results as well as ideas for future work. The ice core science expertise that came together for this… Read More

A Milestone in Physics

This is very off-topic, but for a physicist just a must to share. The world of fundamental physics just has changed, because it is proofed: Einstein’s general theory of relativity is true! Einstein has brought up several theories… Read More

Follow my Antarctic Field Trip Blog!

In a few weeks I have the honor to participate a research field trip to Antarctica. Here I want to keep you posted about the what, why and how. Antarctica is the most remote and isolated continent on… Read More

Hello World!

If you ever have taken some programming class, you probably know what “Hello World” stands for. It usually is the output of your very first program you write yourself and stands therefore for the very first step in… Read More